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Environmental Commodities

At the forefront of sustainable innovation, NEG (family of Alpek) is driven by a passion for delivering cutting-edge energy solutions. Our mission is to be the best clean energy sourcing option for our clients. To achieve our goal, we conduct meticulous research and design solutions customized to each client, ensuring excellence at every turn.

Committed to our clients, we provide Carbon Credits and International, American and Mexican Renewable Energy Certificates to ensure we keep moving forward together towards a greener tomorrow. NEG stands out with a focus on improving our customer experience. We are not just an option but founded on a solid commitment to meet your unique needs.

Environmental Commodities

Carbon Credits

NEG carbon offset

Offset your carbon emission while also financing climate action. We offer a broad portfolio from which you can choose the carbon credit that suits your needs.

NEG Sustainability


Additional Services

We have consistently cultivated a track record of reliability; we ensure verified carbon credit options and adhere to rigorous standards to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of our carbon credits.


Personal Assistance

We offer expert guidance on the Mexican Emissions Trading System, Mexican States Carbon Taxes, and the Voluntary Market.

Wide Portfolio

We provide a diverse portfolio of carbon credits designed to meet your specific needs. Engage in a broad range of carbon removal and reduction projects.


Environmental Commodities

Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates NEG

Electricity generated from renewable energy sources is acknowledged to have zero greenhouse gas emissions. Purchasing Renewable Electricity Certificates with NEG allows consumers to claim they are using renewable energy even if the electricity they directly receive is from non-renewable sources.

NEG Sustainability


Find the Perfect Certificates

We have Renewable Electricity Certificates that help you meet your needs according to your location and requirements.



International Renewable Energy Certificates (Comparable to RECs, issued in Mexico and other countries).


Certificates that represent an environmental quality of a certain amount of renewable energy generation, issued in the USA.


Clean Energy Certificates (Renewable Energy regulation in Mexico).




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Low carbon energy

Natural gas is one of the most reliable, competitive, and cleanest sources of energy. Through our subsidiary NEG Natural, we provide tailor-made natural gas supply solutions and configure the logistic to deliver it anywhere in North America.

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Power & Renewables

Electricity is a secondary energy that can be produced from different sources, such as natural gas, sunlight, and wind. Through our subsidiary NEG Power, we offer electricity supply and energy management services so you find the cleanest and most economic energy supply option available.

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Environmental Commodities

Through our subsidiary NEG Power, we generate solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of your operations to keep you ahead of the game in the energy transition.

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